Singaporemaven Photography by David Ash
Singaporemaven Photography



“I have been taking photographs of some description for as long as I can remember. From my days with a Kodak 110 Instamatic, Polaroids, a Chinon CM-1 SLR and since 1995 Nikons, both film and digital. I was a dinosaur and didn’t get really into digital until 2002. I still use film now and again and I’m glad it didn’t completely disappear.

I started off doing rock music, following local bands in Fife, Scotland and managing to blag some gigs with bigger name punk and metal bands in the 80’s whenever they toured Scotland and eventually I moved to London with my job and still managed to get some gigs with the London music scene and started doing some people and sport work.

Fast forward to Asia where I have lived for 24 years and I still love to do people and sports and the occasional touring band. To me, sports is all about people and the emotion of winning and losing as well as the passion for the sport in which they are involved. I just love to take pictures of people doing what they love to do.

I also do commercial photography and events in the region and I’m always available to take pictures of your band!”

–  David Ash

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