UFC Singapore

The UFC juggernaut rolled back into Singapore last weekend after a 2 year break with one of only 3 Asian shows this year. The Holm vs Correia battle was the headlines but a sterling line up on the main events as well as some good match ups in the undercard made it an event worth looking at and the local MMA fans came out in force with an almost 9000 strong crowd. Wins for Rafael do Anjos and Cody Covington kept the fight fans happy with some great striking skills from RDA and Covingtons’ win over Kim relied heavily on his grappling however the main draw started slowly with neither Holm or Correia willing to engage but in the 3rd round a tremendous head kick sent Correia sprawling to the ground followed by some punches to the head soon had the ref stepping in to stop the fight.

Equipment: Nikon 4Ds and Nikon 70-200mm F2.8 all night long. This is a tricky shoot but made easier with the professional lighting in the octagon. You need to have back button focus for tracking movement and don’t take your eye off the action for a second! I kept the ISO fairly low (ISO 600) and the shutter speed up (1/800) as I can push up the light in Lightroom later.

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