Singapore Sports Photographer Wins Asia MMA Photographer Award

Singapore Sports Photographer Singaporemaven Named MMA Photographer Of The Year 2018 

14th Sept 2018

Singapore sports photographer David Ash wins the ASIA MMA Photographer of the Year Award for 2018.

David Ash is well known around Asia as the go to Sports Photographer for a wide range of sporting  He can be found photographing Rugby, Golf, Tennis, Rowing, Athletics, etc. However, Singaporemaven (David Ash) is best known for his MMA Photography.

Regularly seen cage-side at ONE Championship, UFC & FMD.  He also covers many other combat sports events including Muay Thai and Boxing shows in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

David Ash is the best available Singapore sports photographer for any event.  He has a wealth of experience & knowledge from shooting a wide range of sporting and entertainment events over the past 30+ years. No matter the situation he has the best equipment and knows the settings and angles needed to capture fast paced action and critical moments for those award winning photos.

Being based in Singapore is ideal as a central hub allowing Singaporemaven to travel to all areas of Asia to photograph events. To book Singaporemaven for your event click this link to Contact Singaporemaven

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