David Ash

David Ash has been taking photographs since he was a teenager and started doing rock photography back in the 80’s covering such bands as Iron Maiden, Duran Duran, Marillion, Simple Minds when ever they were touring in Scotland as well as covering local bands in Fife and Edinburgh.

Now based in Singapore, David Ash covers mainly sporting events such as Rugby and Soccer and he covers all of the main Combat Sports Events in Southeast Asia.

“I never grow tired of seeing top level athletes compete. That sheer determination and drive to be the best is always inspiring and I strive to capture those moments forever from behind my camera”

David Ash’s work under the banner of SINGAPOREMAVEN has been featured in all the main newspapers in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines as well as specialist websites such as Sherdog, MMA in Asia, FightNation, Asia Sports Network and many others from Canada to Brazil to Europe.

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